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Hysen's Health Clinic.

4 Curnow Street, Davoren Park, South Australia.

For appointments phone: 08 8254 8602


Hysen's Health Clinic has been operating from this location since 1969.


Both practitioners at Hysen's Health Clinic are fully accredited members of the Australian Natural Therapists Association. ANTA Website


Services provided at Hysen's Health Clinic are eligible for rebates by participating Health Funds.


Hysen's Health Clinic is a non-medical, traditional medicine clinic.
We only use natural methods of treatment and do not utilise medical drugs or pharmaceutical medicines.


We provide holistic professional advice and treatments for an inclusive range of conditions according to the principles of Classical Naturopathy and Constitutional Medicine, by utilising Nutritional Medicine, Traditional Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Reflex Therapy and Structural Therapy.


Where needed, we work on an integrative basis with practitioners of Modern Medicine, to ensure the best possible treatment outcome for our clients.

Consultation by Paul Hysen

Physical Therapies

We utilise Reflex Therapy according to the principles of Constitutional Medicine in which active "trigger points" located on reflex areas of the body, are treated for chronic and metabolic disorders, in accordance with the location and nature of the problem, the person's constitution and the body clock's natural biorhythms. This enables a superior approach that provides the maximum therapeutic effect from far fewer treatments than is the case with other methods.

The treatment of chronic and acute physiological imbalances and musculo-skeletal disorders in this clinic is optimised through our wide skill base, which enables us to select the appropriate treatment(s) from a wide range of physical therapy approaches, including: soft tissue manipulation, structural therapy by means of neuro-muscular correction and structural rebalancing and realignment, myofascial dry needling methods, cupping, heat treatment and other forms of electrotherapy.


We also provide post-surgical rehabilitation treatments.


Please note: In line with our focus on safety and efficacy, new clients attending for physical treatments will be provided with an extended initial consultation to document all aspects of their medical history and health prior to the commencement of treatment.

Our on-site dispensary stocks a wide range of herbal and homeopathic medicines; enabling us to fulfill herbal and homeopathic prescription at the time of an appointment.


We source the highest quality products from a wide range of manufacturers to optimise the efficacy of our remedies and to provide the best value for money for our clients.

We do not participate in multilevel sales, nor do we involve ourselves with companies that provide directly imported goods that have not been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.


Please note: All medicines are specifically selected and/or formulated to suit the individual needs of our clients. As such we do not provide over-the-counter sales to the public and will only supply medicines to our current clients.

Dispensing Herbal Medicine



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